Deli and Supermarket displays

A large variety of displays and open refrigerators

Refrigerated, neutral and hot counters for butchers, delicatessens, fishmongers and supermarkets. Innovative equipment for design and functionality specifically designed for cured meats, cheeses and meats, a complete range of both linear and corner refrigerated modules.

The refrigerated display cases can be static or ventilated, while the refrigerated wall cabinets, with internal or remote motor, are available from large to small depths, for grocery stores and supermarkets that need to display a considerable amount of products in the minimum space.

Furnish your shop with Frigomeccanica’s professional shelving, design solutions with an eye on technology and functionality.

Most of the refrigerated display cabinet can be equipped with the exclusive Frigoconnect technology that allows remote monitoring of machine operation, allows you to vary the machine set parameters, record and store data in a Cloud.