Absolute transparency

Hangar is a fresh and cured meat, cheese, cooked food, fish and bakery counter; unique in its design and its view of the product, it incorporates technology that ensures superlative performances.

Supermarket display features for model Hangar

Hangar has a fan-assisted refrigeration system with remote or integral condenser unit and can be fitted with optional ultrasound humidity control to guarantee and improve the conservation of fresh products such as meat, with adaptation to changes in environmental conditions. A simple, natural, inexpensive solution with low running costs. A vast assortment of finishing materials and colours, for creating an elegant, personalised, unique interior.

Hangar’s transparent structure ensures perfect, well lit, transparent, unobstructed display of the product. Choice quality materials and finishes for a top-of-the-range counter with Frigoconnect 4.0 Control and connectivity system: an app for on-line remote control of the counter, with “push” messaging service and the sending of operating data to a cloud platform. If authorised, it also enables remote assistance by the manufacturer.

Hangar can be fitted (optional) with display surface which tips up by means of hydro-lift pistons, allowing thefanstobetop- mounted so that the tank can be washed with water, ideal for butchers’ stores. The refrigeration system is forced-air type with air speed adjustment with either tip-up or fixed removable display surface.

The excellent view of the display surface is enhanced by the LED lighting with outstanding colour rendering (cri>98), in pink colour, optimal for fresh or cured meats, or in 4000k (natural light) or 3000k (warm light) colour for other food products. All vertical structural supports are in easy-clean, scratch-proof transparent plastic. the use of transparent material provides a good view of the display surface and products from any angle, without reducing the ease of opening of the front glass panels.

Hangar is designed for combination and use with any Frigomeccanica furnishing line. The colours of the finishes used on counters match those of the genius shelving line, with a wealth of components and accessories that optimise tasks to make serving customers a real pleasure. Hangar is also produced in self- service version, with fan-assisted refrigeration and roller blind. side panels may feature an insert in the same material as the front panel (except for corrugated sheet metal version) for added elegance and sophistication.

The hangar front panel may be in laminate or corrugated sheet metal in a variety of colours. The bottom section may have white-lightorrgbled lighting (optional), giving the counter an attractive “floating” look. All hangar colours match genius series modular bar- back compositions.


Technical specifications

  • straight tempered extra-clear glass panels opened via Hydro-lift pistons
  • removable display surfaces in Aisi 304 stainless steel or steel with food-approved black plastic coating – worktop in Aisi 304 stainless steel or steel with food-approved black plastic coating
  • display surface lighting with high colour rendering with choice of “pink” or 3000K or 4000K colour
  • thermoformed ABS side panel with inserts in various colours
  • treated steel base with adjustable feet
  • well in Aisi 304 stainless steel with 40 kg/m3 of polyurethane internal insulation
  • fan-assisted glass demisting with control
  • fan-assisted refrigeration with thermostat valve and choice of fan settings
  • integral or remote motor units
  • rear enclosure (optional) in Plexiglas or roller blind
  • digital control unit with FRIGOCONNECT system with wi-fi and cloud,
    compatible with Industry 4.0 with app for download to Android and Apple
  • ultrasound humidity control system (optional) with micronized mist
  • condensate disposal via drain line connection or electric evaporating basin (optional). – reinforced rear top in Aisi 304 stainless steel
  • stainless steel mobile paper holders (number depending on counter length)
  • 230V 16A Schuko power sockets (number depending on counter length)
  • dry heat or basin or perforated shelf bain-marie hot food modules
  • fitted to take scales, meat slicer and cash register shelves (optional)
  • working conditions class 4 (30°C and 55% r.h.), UNI EN 441-4.1.7
  • minimum operating temperature M1 (+5°/-1°C) UNI EN 441-6.3.2