Mirage Squared

Counter specifically designed for meat, cold cuts and cheese. Versatile design allows inclusion of hot food, bread, confectionery and fresh fish sections.

Supermarket display features for model Mirage Squared

Standard Mirage Squared has removable AISI 304 stainless steel display surfaces and valve-controlled forced-air refrigeration system with air speed adjustment. Stainless steel paper dispensers and the 220V Schuko socket are standard. Glass panels open upward with hydro-lift pistons and have forced-air demisting system with on-off control.

Optional: refrigerated drawer or cupboard compartment with static refrigeration and temperature controlled independently from counter. The rear can be enclosed by a roller blind or sliding Plexiglass doors on request (optional).

Mirage Squared can be fitted (optional) with AISI 304 display surface which tips up by means of hydro-lift pistons, allowing the fans to be top-mounted so that the tank can be washed with water, ideal for butchers’ stores. The refrigeration system is forced-air type with air speed adjustment with either tip-up or fixed removable (standard) display surface.