Suitable for every working environment

Counter specifically designed for meat, cold cuts and cheese. Versatile design allows inclusion of hot food, bread, confectionery and fresh fish sections.

Supermarket display features for model Mirage

Mirage: display beds are lifted up by ‘hidro-lift’ pistons. Genius back unit: modular shelves with possibility to be combined following the client’s requirements refrigerated storage, bread container, bottom parts, shelves,hooks,refrigerated up right freezer. Options: knives-holder, roll holder, paper holder, slicer platform, nightcurtains, bags holder.

Mirage DeLuxe: Genius back unit complete with slicer platform. Its specific shape give the possibility to better work into a small space. Cash desk using tempered glass and detail of hot unit with s/s containers. Mirage DeLuxe Color: Specially designed counter for meat, salami and cheese. Its construction permits the installation of sections hot food display, for bread , pastry and fresh fish. Option: refrigerated under counter storage with drawers and sliding slicer platform fixed to the working area.