Hot and cold. Together

When customers enter an establishment, they want the attractive décor and colours and enticing fragrances of pastries and confectionery, but also the certainty that the quality is high and the product is conserved properly. These delicate products need precise and controlled temperatures which differ according to the speciality. FRIGOMECCANICA has achieved an extremely high level of technology in this sector which allows display at hot and cold temperatures. Hot products like croissants and warm breakfast products, hand-made chocolates, cakes and traditional confectionery products can be kept side by side in the same environment. The heat is provided both dry and with bain-marie. Lighting is extremely important. Lights add style and elegance to a pastry shop, enticing customers and attracting attention to the desired points.

Pastry Showcase features for model Premium

Professional pastry showcase with tubular epoxy painted steel base, tting for wheels (on request) and adjustable feet. Enbloc body lined throughout in stainless steel, insulated with injected polyurethane, density 38/40 kg/m3. Refrigerated surface consisting of removable stainless steel panels. Polished stainless steel uprights with internal ducting for electric wiring. LED lighting underneath payment surface. Heated double glazed front panel with downward opening. Heated double glazed side panels. 2 display shelves in H.137 cm, 1 shelf on H. 120 cm, rear enclosed by roller blind. LED lighting underneath payment surface and on shelves. Forced air refrigeration system with potentiometer for fan speed adjustment, automatic defrosting with on-off function, control panel with electronic thermostat. Integral single-phase condenser unit (remote condenser for installation at a distance of 3 to 10 metres on request). Automatic condensation evaporation on showcases with internal motor, condensation drainage to be connected to the mains drainage when the showcase has an external motor. Climate class 4 ( 30 ° – R.H. 55%). Operating temperature 0° C + 5 ° C.