Powerful and flexible for every need

Line of professional H137 display cabinets for ice-creams, confectionery and chocolate, with continuous ducting option allowing both in-line and stand- alone installation. Large-radius spherical glazing and uorescent shelf lighting. Available in freezer, refrigerated, ambient or heated versions. Ice-cream modules have lower storage shelf.

Ice Cream Showcase features for model Prima

The confectionery display cabinet with height 137 cm has two illuminated shelves. The glass can be opened upwards by means of hydro-lift pistons and is of pyrolytic heated type, with demister system adjustable to ambient humidity. Above, the double-glazed side panel can be lacquered in any colour from the RAL range. External and internal structure in stainless steel with tub retainer cross-strips and backup storage underneath display level. Magnetic blind as standard. To order: custom graphics and colours and front lighting.