A modern reinterpretation of a style in classical taste

Trinidad is a furnishing programme that offers a modern reinterpretation of a style in classical taste, making it ideal for any location or requirement, including confectionery and ice-cream outlets, bars or bakery cafés. The programme includes a full selection of bar modules, bar-back compositions and display cabinets, all produced by Frigomeccanica to its usual state-of-the- art technical standards, achieved through continuous research. Exquisite materials, combined with taste and elegance and finished by skilled hands, for furnishing bars the world over with that unmistakable italian style.

Bar Furniture features for model Trinidad

The glass superstructure may be fixed with adhesive (on request) or have removable supports (standard type). The “drop-in” refrigerated counters can be installed in-line for seamless display of confectionery or chocolates. On request, the doors of the bar-back composition can be customised in the same material as the front counter (op onal); the standard finish is silver colour.

The many technical modules include glycol or fan-cooled ice-cream tubs and refrigerated, heated or dual func on drop-in counters for confec onery and chocolates. Mul purpose counters can be fitted with fountain-style chocolate tempering units or chilled fruit tubs. Counters are finished in melamine sheeting with horizontal vein patterns, while surrounds are lacquered for a velvet-smooth look. Panels are available without the rectangular medallion feature on request.