A sophisticated blend of vintage design

Madison bar counter is a sophisticated blend of vintage design features and classical proportions: it is the refined expression of a classically-inspired interior with added industrial chic contaminations in its interplay and combination of materials, forms, solids and gaps, industrial evocations and exquisite stylistic touches.

Counter features for model Madison

Madison bar counter creates the mood of an authentic interior with very modern design inspired by today’s trendsetting industrial style, which gives the locale a lived-in, reassuring style. A place for breakfast, lunch or dinner or simply for meeting friends.

City bar, for a place to be visited every day: the glowing colour of the timeworn wood, together with the iridescent hues of white, gives character to the whole interior with good taste and appeal. Conceived for the metropolitan locale, it is well suited to any other location thanks to its multifaceted, versatile structure.

Wine bar is a high-impact option with a strong personality, creating an interior with a warm, comfortable mood with the aid of the exquisite colours of the brushed wood and the elegant lacquered black trims. The right place for enjoying a pre-dinner drink, chatting for hours or just savouring a coffee and meeting people.

Flute is a delightful, really unique design alternative, an exclusive, elegant interior displaying all the quality of furnishings created to look stunning at any time of the day or night. An evocative locale, where spending time in company is one of life’s great pleasures.

Lunch bar is with steel load-bearing structure and solid wood with a distressed finish, it expresses all its strong character of industrial style through an a ractive mix of right-angled forms and contrasting grains, underlined by lacquered black surrounds which intersect in asymmetrical patterns. The perfect furnishing system for a lounge bar, a pub or even a contemporary bar.