KART is a mobile bar counter on wheels, practical and convenient for exploiting outdoor spaces to the full or for use during temporary events.

Easy to move around and sanitise, Kart is a genuine bar counter placed on wheels, useful for transferring your business into outdoor or temporary areas.

Purchasing Kart is a good investment, because after mobile use it can be installed in the normal way by just removing the wheels and canopy.

Bar counter features for model Kart

The Kart coffee bar range enables refrigerated outfits with different lengths and layouts. All Coffee modules have sink and tap, supplied by an electric pump. The pump is connected to the clean water tank, while the drain discharges into the dirty water tank. They are both removable and 20 litres in capacity. The coffee machine can also be connected to the clean water tank.The wheels are swivel type and complete with parking brake.

Kart compartments are both refrigerated and ambient and may feature a hopper drawer for coffee grounds, stainless steel doors or refrigerated drawer units.

Kart cocktail is about 150 cm long and is equipped with insulated ice box, ingredient trays, bottle rails at the side and rear, removable chopping-board and mixer stand. The sink with tap is supplied by an electric pump connected to the removable clean water tank.

Kart also comes in ice-cream version, with a wide variety of ice-cream showcases with different sizes and performances, again on wheels and with canopy with LED lighting. Kart is built throughout in Italy in our plants, so as well as the finishes and outfits featured in this catalogue, it

can be created with a large number of “bespoke” finishes and services, tailor- made for your business and needs. The number of ice-cream tubs varies from 6 to 12 depending on length and equipment. Each well is fitted to take a spare “pozzetto’ tub underneath.

Kart Pozzetti is particularly suitable for outdoor use and is designed for home- made ice-cream or traditional slushes. The refrigeration system may be fan- assisted, for lighter weight and faster refrigeration, or with glycol, which provides better temperature retention after the motor is stopped but less agility due to the weight of the glycol. Both guarantee Kart Pozzetti impressive performances.

The Kart canopy may be with or without valance (depending on the model and requirements); both solutions have two LED lighting units. The sink and tap, when installed, are connected to clean and dirty water tanks of 20 litre (10 litres for cocktail version).

The electricity supply voltage for lighting and refrigeration functions is 220V or 380V depending on the equipment requested, and may be supplied by the mains or a power generator. The rugged base structure is in powder-painted steel and is “palletised” to enable vehicle transfer with the aid of a pallet truck or forklift. After use, Kart should be stored indoors or beneath a waterproof cover.