Old fashioned italian cocktail

Harris bar counter is a timeless furnishing line, classical yet supremely modern, the outco- me of design and ergonomic and aesthetic research, combined with unique Italian taste. Quality mate- rials in a blend of forms, lines and ideas.

Counter bar features for model Harris

Luminous bar-back compositions to showcase your flavours, ingredients and tools and ignite a passion for your cocktails. In the cold or heated drop-in counter, your sweets and confectionery are perfectly displayed and fragrant all day long. An exquisite container in smoked glass. A long drink at any time of day or a glass of champagne with friends: Harris covers these demands to perfection.

In statuary marble with exquisite brass trims, it bestows elegance on every shared moment. Combined with the zebra countertop, matt black reveals all its strength and elegance. Harris Dèco is transformed for a refined, timeless tea-time ambience. With the led lighting (optional) in the plinth the counter seems almost to float, for a light design effect. A delicious artisanal ice-cream or an old-style slush make the perfect break; ready to enjoy!? The broad countertop and carved-look support enable Harris to display all its personality.

Breakfast at Harris this morning. Fragrant croissants with an excellent coffee. A beautifully styled location makes every small treat truly special. Wood, statuary marble, brass and smoked glass give the interior its own distinctive charm. Harris is transformed again for a relaxing lunch or a last-minute cocktail with friends.

Natural materials and a touch of the woodland on the counter are as relaxing as a country stroll. If a delicious after-dinner Mojito appeals to you, succumb to the temptation. The luminous counter and Cloud stone highlight the bottles on the illuminated bar-back shelves and Harris’s sleek lines become contemporary.