A focus on novelty, technology and experimental use of shapes have created a revolutionary bar furnishing product, and given us the Gallery design project. Gallery is the new concept in furnishing, as the tubular aluminium structure is covered with expanded polyurethane or glass tiles in a constantly changing furnishing aesthetic. The Gallery project runs throughout the design scheme, and not just the bar counter. Its distinctive decorative feature can be used on walls or columns. This product’s versatility allows users to choose the best finish for their premises. The soft tile, in the wood version, gives warmth to the design scheme in harmony with the other colours used.

Bar Furniture features for model Gallery

Like all the other accessories, the cocktail area, the bottle pocket and the steel cork basin fit easily into the composition. Bar-back area with plain doors in satin-finish stainless steel as standard or backpainted glass on request, bar refrigerator doors with magnetic closing system, twin drawer unit and platform support profile.

Light is the star. The display pyramid is a striking yet practical illuminated white methacrylate accessory. The two back panel shelves are fixed and have neon or LED lighting (optional), and are connected to the opaque or mirror glass wall cladding. From the softness of the cushions, with the Soft version, to the interwoven threads in the Trama version: the new furnishing look is ready.

New design for the bar counter. Simple, essential lines use the “Trama” tiles to shape a cutting-edge modern bar counter. A bar counter that allows the individual to express their own style, but still has plenty of personality and character. Features that give it distinction and place it on a level well above passing trends. The Trama tile can be customised with the choice of RAL colours. The standard stainless steel plinth can be ordered in quartz agglomerate to match the counter-top.

Gallery in Glass version: simply seductive. The exquisite tile is in relief gured glass with LEG accessory in metal lacquered expanded polyurethane. White, light, transparent surfaces and the colour, colour and more colour: Gallery liquid. Innovative design, technology and choice accessories create a unique, unrepeatable atmosphere. The new snack display cabinet, backpainted black tempered glass front and side panels, downward ap front opening, polished aluminium frame. Thermoformed sliding Plexiglas panels at rear. Ceiling light neon or LED on request, complete with one clear plate glass display shelf in low version, three in tall version.

Create your style, create your furnishing. The Liquid tile is in expanded polyurethane. It can be ordered in RAL colours and matched with the various versions of the LEG accessory. Coffee machine back panel with stainless steel wall cladding as standard, glass hood with lighting option, satin- nish stainless steel back top, quartz agglomerate counter-top with optional lightning.