A furnishing bar counters line with personality

Original and colourful, rugged and reliable, in steel for durability over time. Youthful, contemporary, unique furniture, suitable for any location: container, the right choice.

Bar furniture features for model Container

The ornamental handle is finished in corten colour, black, or the front panel colour. Led lighting is supplied as standard. Container can be fitted with a vast array of modules and accessories, such as refrigerated showcases, drop-in counters, round tub ice-cream modules, and ambient and refrigerated counters.

The coated steel front panel can be customised with words or motifs to order, just like a real container. Container can be produced in various ral range colours, or in special colours (optional). All RAL colours can be supplied on request with the “rust” effect, produced by hand using a chemical process, making each container a one-off.

The serving counter is in scratchproof material or faux marble, to ensure excellent durability over time. Container is ideal for use in interior design schemes with other materials such as woods, glasses or contrasting colours.