Bridge bar counter, an elegant yet informal furnishing line that blends modernity with industrial classic style, able to adapt to locations and convey a strong emotional charge. Bridge expresses the art of bar furnishing with genuine italian-made taste, the Frigomeccanica way. The vast range of materials, colours and finishes enables the creation of interiors and moods with infinite combinations.

Bar counter features for model Bridge

Bar-back compositions may be ambient or refrigerated, with structure in wood or metal (optional). Wall-mounted units for bottles and equipment can be created with distinctive “Alukuadro” structures, in custom sizes and colours.

A wide range of colours is available in the vast assortment of woods, marbles, laminates and perforated steels with special oxidised finishes. The counter-top may be in laminate, marble (optional) or corian (optional). The supporting upright is available in various colours and in 2 versions: one-piece (deeper) or without extension (smart).

Bridge Bubble has perforated stainless steel front panel with a special hand-applied oxidised finish and protective coating; shown here in verdigris colour. This special Frigomeccanica technology ensures that every interior design is always different and original in shade, colour and texture.

The led backlighting through a coloured surface creates a striking chromatic effect. Bridge Bubble in antique brass colour is in hand- oxidised steel with protective coating, with led backlighting of the panel through a coloured surface. Pastel colours without oxidising treatment are also available, with or without holes.

The standard bar-back composition is in wood and stainless steel, but on request the units and steel parts can be produced in black (optional) with dual-component epoxy coating, with faux marble or black laminate worktop for a “total black” look. The wall- mounted units can combine the many catalogue solutions, including wooden cabinets, shelves or Alukuadro structures.

Like all bubble versions, Bridge bubble with antique pewter finish may feature perforated or relief steel panel, with or without holes, combined or customised on request. If installed, the enclosing band underneath the counter-top may be in metal mesh or matt frosted glass.

All Bridge versions provide a perfect match with the Alukuadro structures for bar-back wall units, structures, bottle racks and customised additional furnishings, coated in various colours or in polished aluminium.