Whatever the idea you have in mind, Be-like is what you want

Be-like bar counter is a meeting-point, a place where parallel lives cross, a location you can count on for a short break, a daily habit, a constant flow of new faces or a favourite haunt of old friends. What do you want your locale to be? How do you imagine it? Whatever the idea you have in mind, Be-like is what you want, and the way to be yourself.

Bar counter features for model Be-like

Be-like fashion is at ease everywhere, with the warm colour
 of Nottingham Oak, enhanced
 by the iridescent, gleaming white
of the surfaces, an ideal solution 
for a modern location that still has
a vintage touch and evokes the past. An infinite range of refrigerated modules, showcases, drop-in units and technical solutions to simplify daily work without sacrificing design.

Be-like selfie, a truly distinctive style, the flavour of time which is past yet also modern. See yourself reflected in the warm colour of time-worn wood, the flavours and fragrances of bygone days with the taste of today. Meeting in a location like this is always a pleasure.

Be-like chat, furnishings 
that talk to you, with colours
and accessories that express 
the pleasure of time together 
in a bar. Vintage Elm merges with the coal grey of the bar counter panels and the wall-mounted blackboards, while the illuminating panel with LED (optional) transmits warm, elegant sensations into.

Be-Like funky has the right class for a multi-purpose venue with a thousand functions: breakfast, lunch, cocktails or a cup of tea with friends all taste even better. Elegant shades of bleached wood on anthracite backgrounds create.

Be-like social expresses 
the class of minimalist style, a place for savouring a coffee in company or logged onto the world, a place where you are never
alone but always connected. The sharp contrasts between black and white, the clean lines of the counters and the vintage graphic items, all underline Social’s open personality.