A perfect balance between technology and design

Premium is a new range of professional showcases for ice-cream, pastry products and confectionery. a perfect balance between technology and design. Premium is available in the two heights of 120 and 137 cm and in three different lengths, all of which may be canalised with each other. Two different heights for two different approaches between customer and product. Flush display top with no barriers for a perfect view of the product, even from a distance. The ice-cream showcase has dual-ventilation refrigeration with multiple ows which improves conservation of the ice-cream and maintains a constant temperature in all the tubs, even when the ice-cream is above the edge of the tub.

Ice Cream Showcase features for model Premium

The “ALL SEASONS” function allows the Premium ice-cream showcase to be used all year round, passing from the LT ice-cream function (temperature -12°/-18°C) to the pastry or snack function (temperature +4°/+8°C). White blends sophistication, simplicity and elegance. It is ideal for any surroundings. Canalised two-module showcase. Anti-condensation glass with black or white decoration. High-luminosity led lighting, according to display needs, to highlight the product. An eye-catching showcase. In addition to total black and total white, always eye-catching and elegant, it is possible to choose different finishes and colours for the sides and front of the showcase, in a wide range of variants to be combined with the double glazing with black or white decoration.

A technological heart and the best showcase for your ice-cream

– Dual ventilation for optimal conservation temperature.

– Horizontal modules in two heights for multiple combinations.

– In Total black and Total white. Also available in a choice of attractive colours.

– nternal or external motors with air or water condensation.

– innovative technology and attractive design.

– Flush top for ice-cream display.

– Anti-condensation double glazing.

Professional ice-cream showcase with dual ventilation. Heated double glazed front panel with downward opening. Heated double glazed side panels. Polished stainless steel uprights with internal ducting for electric wiring. LED lighting underneath payment surface. Backs enclosed by roller blinds. Automatic reverse cycle defrosting, automatic showcase condensate evaporation with integral motor, condensate drain for connection to drainage system when showcase has remote motor. Condenser internal unit with 400 V three-phase semi-hermetic compressor or hermetic compressors (one single-phase on V12 showcase). The condenser unit can be integral in the showcase or remote, at a distance of up to 20 metres. Remote units are always semi-hermetic. Usable with tubs measuring cm. 36×16,5x12h. (5 l.) or cm. 36x25x12/8h. (8/5 l.) with cross pieces with different widths. Set of tubs not included. Climate class 4+ (35°C – 70% U.R.) with semi-hermetic compressors, Class 4 (30° 55% U.R.) with hermetic compressors. Operating temperature -12°/18° C.