Alba Squared

Small size, high performance

Compact but high-performing forced air ice-cream display cabinet with internal or remote refrigeration units. The front glass panel opens downwards on an aluminium hinge; Plexiglas rear doors are tted as standard and can be easily removed for cleaning.

Ice Cream / Pastry Showcase features for model Alba Squared

Ice-Cream and Pastry Showcase with forced-air refrigeration, with tubular silver anodised aluminium structure, casing in 40 kg/m3 polyurethane and aisi 304 stainless steel, tempered glass with downward pop-out opening, heated side glass, side and top led lighting, rear enclosure with sliding doors or roller blind (optional), built-in cooling unit (external on request), electronic control unit and reverse cycle defrosting.
Class 4 (30°- r.h. 55%) Operating temperature -12 / -18°C.

FRIGOCONNECT®: Innovation, Design & Connectivity


5” Tft graphic display with 6 key resistive keypad. Multilingual, configurable user interface. Internal Micro SD card for storage of temperatures and operating variables. Usb port for downloading temperature log data and uploading configurations and updates. Interface configurable for refrigerator-freezer units, with humidity control and two safety thermostats. Numerical and graphic display modes. Setup menu for Ethernet – Wi-fi – 3G network configuration.


Temperature controller for static and forced-air refrigerated and freezer units with integral Wi-fi and bluetooth connectivity and data logger. Simultaneous connection to cloud and local app.