Slack is a bar counter line with a chameleon-like ability to transform. Practical and elegant, with its vast range of innovative colours and materials, Slack is versatile and suitable for any location, styling or working requirements.

Bar counter features for model Slack

The front panel is in laminate in various colours and textures, while the surround is in anodised or powder-coated aluminium in three different colours. The counter and bar-back structure is in silver colour laminated wood as standard, but as an optional it can be supplied in Frigomeccanica’s trademark “Alukuadro” stainless steel, well known for its strength and durability. The upper part of the bar back wall composition features bottle and glass shelves with led lighting.

The surrounds are in aluminium, with shelves in clear glass. The Slack furnishing line offers a vast range of refrigerated, heated or ambient showcases, including drop-in modules. The serving counter-top is in laminate in various colours. As an optional, the counter-top is available in imitation marble in a good assortment of colours of varying prestige and cost.

Worktops are in aisi 304 stainless steel and can be fitted with square or round welded sinks. The vast range of front panels and aluminium surrounds enables slack to be personalised to the chosen style and installation location. The bar back wall compositions may be of the traditional type in wood with shelves, or be based on the exclusive Frigomeccanica “Alukuadro” aluminium metal structure.

The Alukuadro bar back wall composition can be fitted with glass or wood shelves, wooden cabinets and spotlights, and may be in a bespoke RAL colour or polished aluminium. Standard catalogue sizes are available as well as custom dimensions.

The frigomeccanica range of showcases is complete, and is also available for Slack. The standard counter-top is in laminate and can be matched with the bar back wall panels if available (optional). Imitation marbles containing quartz (for outstanding durability) are available on request.

Art deco mood in the baxter version, where gold-finish (optional) aluminium surrounds make an attractive combination with the virginia walnut colour panel, creating a vintage ambience. Trendy with style! The slack plinth can be fitted with white or coloured led lighting (optional) for an attractive “floating” counter effect. The distinctive art deco bar back compositions with “gold” finish alukuadro and clear glass shelves give baxter slack an original touch.